Sexuality and Aging Course Level 2

Level 2 is a set of four two-hour programs designed for those interested in more specific knowledge of specific communities, ideas, behaviors, and treatment of issues. If you or your clinical team are looking for more information about gender and sexual minorities, consent, cognitive impairments, and end-of-life care as they relate to sexuality, these two-hour programs are extremely helpful.

  1. The Stonewall Generation: Inclusivity for LGBTQ Elders (2 hour class)

When we talk about sexuality and aging, LGBTQ elders have additional concerns regarding their gender and sexual minority status. For many of these elders, arriving at a senior living community can evoke fears and concerns about “coming out” that they hadn’t dealt with in years. This program will offer the voices of LGBTQ elders expressing their fears, hopes, and desires in a unique environment of inclusion.

Highlights include:

  • Health disparities for LGBTQ elders

  • Discrimination against LGBTQ elders

  • Inclusive practices for your community

   2. Consent is Sexy: Ethical Dilemmas in Sexuality and Aging (2 hour class)

Sexuality educators have declared that consent is sexy, offering a new view of communication and sexual pleasure. Yet many older adults have not received adequate sexuality education about communicating their wants, desires, and boundaries. Consent includes such properties as clear communication, cognitive acuity, and enthusiastic affirmation. In their absence, sexual expression is not consensual. In this highly interactive training, we’ll discuss ethical dilemmas and tools to navigate consent. A great emphasis of this training will be on the application of principles to participants’ work with older adults. 

Highlights include:

  • Communications and boundaries for sexual expression with older adults

  • Ethical issues with cognitive impairment

  • Affirmation of consent

  • Safer sex for seniors


   3. Sex, Aging, and Dementia: Tackling Inappropriate Sexual Behaviors with Older Adults (2 hour class)

One of the most common concern of senior living clinicians and administrators is about dementia as it relates to sexual expression. In this important program, Dr. Fleishman will discuss the importance of understanding the incidence and consequences of sexuality and dementia with a clear focus on assessment and prevention of abuse.

Highlights include: 

  • Meaning and function of sexuality with dementia

  • Intervention techniques for inappropriate sexual behaviors

  • Assessment tools for sexual consent with dementia

  • Talking to families about sexual consent and dementia


   4. The Final Taboo: Sexuality and End-of-Life Care (2 hour class)


Although discussion of sexuality and older adults is becoming less taboo, what do we know about sexuality for people in palliative care of in end-of-life trajectories? Rarely do we discuss sexuality for these patients yet their need for intimacy continues. This program provides an opportunity to consider the latest research and the full spectrum of sexuality issues to offer residents and patients an opportunity to consider their sexual choices and desires at the end of their lives.  With humor and compassion, we will talk about topics many consider taboo.


Highlights include:


  • Meaning and function of sexuality at end-of-life

  • Circles of Sexuality at end-of-life

  • Ethical dilemmas with end-of-life patients

  • Hospice and palliative care treatment modalities to support sexuality at end-of-life