Training and beyond.


After four decades of conducting successful training programs, I’ve begun to understand the need to pair training with coaching if we want to see systematic, long-term organizational results.

As part of my role as a sexuality professional working with senior living communities, I conduct diagnostics to determine readiness, policy review to determine gaps, and climate surveys to examine norms and practices.

Building change for life.


I conduct interviews with staff, residents, and family members. I draft policy, assist clinical staff with up-to-date physiology training, work with marketing to craft more inclusive admissions screens, and assist leaders with roll-out of new executive campaigns. Through this comprehensive approach, I nurture change at all levels and ensure that the positive effects of my work stick around in your community.


Staying ahead of the curve.


I help build change for life – bringing joy to the lives of residents and a new life for a community striving to stay ahead of the curve in an industry rife with competition.


Third party neutral.


I believe that sexual freedom must be extended to every one of us -- of any class, disability, culture, ethnicity, gender identity, orientation, nationality, political persuasion, race, religion -- or age. To do that, we often have to understand the stigmas, the gaps in knowledge, and the fears that show up when we talk openly about sex with older adults. Let’s face it, sex is never easy to discuss. Especially when it involves our elders and loved ones in our care.

Providing an outside voice.


I provide needed expertise and an outsider, third-party perspective for administrators who are working with difficult family members on sexuality-related concerns. These might include inappropriate sexual behaviors, ambiguities around consent, sex outside of a marriage when one member has a cognitive impairment, fears of coming out as a sexual or gender minority, use of pornography, surrogates, or any number of challenging issues related to sex and aging.

What I can do for you.


Sexuality and Aging Courses

Have you been thinking about sexuality among the older adults in your care? Have you been to one of my workshops and want to expand your knowledge? I’ve developed a set of core and advanced courses for you and your clinical and administrative leaders to get a deeper understanding of the wide and varied forms of sexuality among older adults. We’ll start with the basics and complete the training with an opportunity for you to train your own staff to continue these trainings in the future. Each level offers insightful, up-to-date research along with a fresh and honest way to discuss difficult topics. While each program is different, all are focused on the application of the material to work with older adults.

1 -  Topics for Clinical and Administrative Professionals

  • I'll Have What They're Having: Basics of Sexuality &Aging

  • Biopsychosocial Aspects of Sexuality & Aging

  • Organizational Responses to Sexually Inappropriate Behaviors

  • Safer Sex Practices for Older Adults
  • Working Toward Sexual Wellness in Your Community
  • Crafting Sexual Wellness Policies
  • Expanding Your Cultural Competency in Sexuality &Aging
  • Creating an LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Elders’ Community

2 -  Topics for Staff

  • Science of Sexuality & Aging
  • Sex, Aging & Dementia

  • Handling Inappropriate Sexual Behaviors

3 - Topics for Residents

  • Dating and Relationships in the 21st Century
  • Consent is Sexy
  • Dealing with the Loss of a Relationship

  • Let's Get Physical: Anatomy and Physiology of Sex & Aging

4 - Topics for Family Members

  • Current Research on the Science of Sexuality & Aging
  • Handling Inappropriate Sexual Behaviors

  • Family Concerns About Elders’ Sexual Expression

Photos by Shana Sureck

"I'm on a mission to promote the sexual well-being of older adults, especially those in senior living communities.      Please join me!"

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