Sexuality and Aging Courses


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Have you been thinking about sexuality among the older adults in your care? Have you been to one of my workshops and want to expand your knowledge? I’ve developed a set of core and advanced courses for you and your clinical and administrative leaders to get a deeper understanding of the wide and varied forms of sexuality among older adults. We’ll start with the basics and complete the training with an opportunity for you to train your own staff to continue these trainings in the future. Each level offers insightful, up-to-date research along with a fresh and honest way to discuss difficult topics. While each program is different, all are focused on the application of the material to work with older adults.

Level 1

2 1-hour classes

Level 1 is designed to give you the basic information you’ll need to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to discuss sexuality issues with your residents and clients.

Level 2

4 2-hour classes

Level 2 is a set of four two-hour programs designed for those interested in more specific knowledge of specific communities, ideas, behaviors, and treatment of issues. If you or your clinical team are looking for more information about gender and sexual minorities, consent, cognitive impairments, and end-of-life care as they relate to sexuality, these two-hour programs are extremely helpful.

Level 3

6 1-hour classes

Level 3 is primarily designed for administrative and clinical leaders who are interested in taking the next step in promoting sexual wellness in their senior living community. Level 3 is designed to build upon the strengths and readiness of the organization: making the business case for leadership, assessing organizational readiness, developing an environment for sexual wellness, and policy development. Each program is tailored and focuses on applying the material to your own unique senior living environment.

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