"Jane Fleishman has brought a breath of fresh air into a conversation no one seemed ready to take on. Her ability to speak frankly about sexuality has given our leadership and staff a new way to broaden our understanding of wellness for the residents in our community."

-Beth Cardillo, M.Ed., LSW, CDP, Executive Director, Armbrook Village, Westfield, MA

"Thank you so much for the opportunity for us to give you some insight on our lives together since the 1969 Stonewall rebellion. We appreciated your professionalism and ability to grasp the facts of our story. Thank you again for including our story in your book."

-David Velasco Bermudez, Stonewall Veteran & Bob Isadore, Spouse

Jane Fleishman sex and aging sexuality and aging LGBTQ sex ed lgbtq sexuality and aging speaking about sex and aging senior living communities STIs and seniors and STDs older adults sexually inappropriate dementia and sex cognitive impairment and sexuality gerontology sex ed for seniors sex ed for the eldery sex education nursing homes staff training

"We were looking for a presenter to speak about how to deal with inappropriate sexual advances from residents/elders, particularly those with cognitive impairments. This is something we come across often enough (whether it be resident to staff or resident to resident), and we want to be able to provide our line staff the best tools to deal with these situations. We were very pleased with the presentation that Dr. Jane Fleishman gave to our staff. It is clear that staff have been able to apply it to their work. We definitely will call on her again in the future."

-Kristy Livingston, Director, Marketing & Admissions, Heywood Wakefield Commons, Gardner, MA

"I worked with Jane co-collaborating a product within AARP’s Innovation Lab, The Hatchery, focused on older adult sexuality. To say that it has been a pleasure would be a vast understatement. Jane Fleishman is the best of the best and a true expert in this field. Her knowledge and passion for seniors is evident, contagious and she truly sheds light on the beauty that is intimacy and connection in our older years. Jane is creative, warm, whip-smart and embodies the essence of aging with dignity. She approaches her work with a sense of commitment and openness that brings others to do the same. What a gift it has been to get to create something together."

-Brittany Fleck, Innovation Catalyst, AARP Innovation Labs

"I thoroughly enjoyed Jane Fleishman's presentation on the Stonewall Generation, sexuality, and aging. Her message is positive, frank, humorous, and full of the most current information. She's accessible and well-versed in the issues that LGBTQ elders face."

 -Lisa Krinsky, LICSW, Director, LGBT Aging Project, The Fenway Institute

Jane Fleishman sex and aging training

"Old does not mean dead. In our eighties we are more in love than ever, trusting where we have come from to help us know where we are going. It was good to be included in this important book about an historic time and event. Jane Fleishman created a warm, trusting space in which we were able to share our story."

​​-Lovingly, Edie and Jackie 

"Jane is helping to give voice to a population that often has theirs taken from them. It’s no surprise, then, that her work requires public speaking. But just because someone can speak, and just because someone can go into the public to do it, doesn’t mean they can do it effectively. Jane not only can, she does. With exceptional humor, great love, and scientific data, which can be dry as dust without the humor and love. They’re at the core of what moves us to tears and action. She knows the aging train is headed in only one direction. You can either hop on board or suffer the consequences yourself. But because she does it with a twinkle in her, the truth goes down as terribly human and humane. She’s the woman to spread a powerful message of hope and change."

-Julia Mines, Executive Speaker Coach

Photos by Shana Sureck